Pickup Web Service Reference Guide

The Pickup Request Web Service provides a way for developers to pass a number of criteria programmatically and in return receive a Pickup confirmation number which can used in a client-side or local program. The service is a SOAP-based web service.
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Url : http://wsportal.aaacooper.com:8188/wsPickupRequest1751.wsdl

Web Service Description Language:
Web Service Elements:
AddPickupRequest Elements
Element Name Description Required Constraint or Note Length
TokenID Token Number Yes Authentication Credentials required 36
PkupCompanyName Pickup location Name Yes   30
PkupCompanyAddress Pickup location Address Yes   30
PkupCompanyCity Pickup location City  Yes   20
PkupCompanyState Pickup location State Postal Code Yes   2
PkupCompanyZip Pickup location Zip Code Yes   6
PkupCompanyCountry Pickup location Country Code Yes Pass: USA for United States and CAN for Canada 3
PkupCompanyContact Pickup location Contact Yes   30
PkupCompanyEmail Email address Yes   50
PkupCompanyPhone Pickup location Phone number Yes   10
PickupDate Pickup Date Yes MM/DD/YYYY Format 10
ReadyTime Ready Time Yes HH:MM Format 5
CloseTime Close Time Yes HH:MM Format 5
PickupComments Pickup Comments No   100

PickupRequestLine Elements
Element Name Description Required Constraint or Note Length
EstimateNumber Estimation Number No Number identifying AACT rate estimate for pickup line 10
BOLID BOL ID  No Number identifying BOL 9
Pieces Total number of Handling Unit Type, as in, 2 for two pallets that may have more than one piece on each of the pallets. No Integer value 3
HandlingUnitType Handling Unit type, if more than one type use Mixed No Pallets, Cartons, Drums, Rolls, Bundles, Other, Mixed 10
TotalWeight Total Weight of the shipment (in lbs) No Integer value 5
IsHazmat Hazmat Materials No Pass Y if shipment has hazardous materials 1
IsACTGuaranteedDay Guaranteed Day Shipment No Pass Y if shipment is Guaranteed Day shipment 1
DestinationCompanyName Destination Company Name No   30
DestinationCompanyAddress Destination Company Address No   30
DestinationCompanyContact Destination Company Contact No   30
DestinationCompanyPhone Destination Company Phone No   10
DestinationCompanyEmail Destination Company Email No   50
DestinationCity Destination City  No   20
DestinationState Destination State No   2
DestinationZip Destination Zip No   6
DestinationCountry Destination Country No Pass: USA for United States and CAN for Canada 3
Sample Code (C#):
Sample xml Request :