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Midwest Motor Express, an independent subsidiary of Knight-Swift Transportation Holdings (NYSE: KNX), is an asset-based multi-regional transportation solutions provider offering less-than-truckload, truckload, dedicated contract carriage, brokerage, and international services. Our cross-brand integrations with other KNX subsidiaries provide extended direct coverage and resources across a substantial area of the United States. Additionally, our robust Affiliate Carrier Program extends Midwest Motor Express’s coverage area into Canada, Mexico, and across the globe.


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Mission, Vision & Values

  • Mission
    To solve our customers’ transportation needs through complementary, integrated, and flexible transportation services.
  • Vision
    To be the most respected, safest, most innovative, and the most efficient carrier in our chosen markets.
  • Values
    • Integrity - We do the right thing
    • Innovation - We continually seek innovative solutions for our customers
    • Competence - We are competent and caring
    • Teamwork - We get there together
    • Humility - Be humble and respectful of others

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Careers with Midwest Motor Express

Midwest Motor Express offers an excellent opportunity for employees across a breadth of skills, experience, and backgrounds. Click the careers button to find out more about the opportunities that are currently available and complete an online application.

Sustainability in Action

What is SmartWay?

Midwest Motor Express is committed to supporting environmentally sound business practices. Whether through a formalized program such as SmartWay® or by simply reducing miles driven through advanced operations research applications, Midwest Motor Express strives to achieve a minimal impact footprint on our environment. Some of our efforts that favorably impact the environment include:

  • More fuel-efficient tractors with automatic transmissions improve RPM control during shifting, leading to improved MPG.
  • Side skirts on trailers improve the overall drag coefficient, improving MPG.
  • Improved tire compositions and setups lead to reduced rolling resistance and improved MPG.
  • LTL system flow improvements enhance loaded fill rates, reducing the miles per shipment required.
  • Advanced data center designs reduce HVAC demands and overall utility consumption.
  • Recycle used oil, used oil filters, antifreeze, batteries, and scrap steel.
  • Have shop rags laundered for reuse.
  • Retread tires to extend their useful life and reduce scrap tire generation.
  • Switch to metal halide yard and wall pack lights with more efficient LED lighting as a replacement becomes necessary.

View the Midwest Motor Express SmartWay certificate.


Midwest Motor Express's history dates back to 1918 with its original founding member, Charles Snyder of Snyder's Dray and Transfer in Bismarck, North Dakota. Snyder used horses and wagons to haul coal, sand, gravel, and freight to local customers in the area.

During the 1920s, co-founding member Joseph Greenstein began truck operations in Jamestown, North Dakota, and by 1927 he had a general commodity hauling business operation between Saint Paul, Minnesota, and Jamestown, North Dakota.

In 1931 final co-founding member Julius Roswick began operating by hauling coal from mines near Wilton, North Dakota, to make residential and business deliveries. Roswick eventually purchased Edwards Truck Lines in 1933, which secured the first special certificate issued by the North Dakota Public Service Commission.

Between 1937 and 1938, the three founding members merged their operations. Roswick and Greenstein merged in 1937, and Snyder joined in 1938. The three officially operated under Roswick-Greenstein-Snyder, Inc., or RGS, Inc., until the decision to change the company's name to Midwest Motor Express, Inc. (SCAC "MIDW") was final. That same year the Snyder family was bought out by the Roswick and Greenstein families.

Still, the progress did not stop there. Midwest Motor Express (MME) expanded by applying for additional authority and through the following acquisitions: Midnite Express, Inc. (1945), Schmidt Truck Lines (1956), Auto X-Press (1956), Culp Truck Lines (1957), Daniel Auto Express (1962), operating authority of Advanced-United Expressways (1965), operating authority of Ringsby United (1965), and operating authority and equipment of Twin City Freight (1988).

In the 1980s, industry deregulation created challenges as well as opportunities. Midwest Motor Express expanded its coverage and continues to be a regional LTL carrier with a substantial footprint in the Midwest and select points in the Northwest. In December 2021, Knight-Swift Transportation Holdings, Inc. (NYSE: KNX) acquired Midwest Motor Express, joining AAA Cooper Transportation (SCAC "AACT") as an independent subsidiary of KNX in the LTL Services Group. This acquisition was mutually beneficial for all parties involved, offering highly reliable services across all related brands.

Today, Midwest Motor Express is led by Reid Dove, Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Charlie Prickett, President, and Paul Carter, Executive Vice President.  

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