Imaging Web Service Reference Guide

The Document Search Web Service provides a way for developers to pass a number of criteria programmatically and in return receive a Document details and other output for use in a client-side or local program. Webservice returns a url from where the image can be copied to the clients machine. The service is a SOAP-based web service. The file contains WSDL,Sample code(C#) and element list.
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Url :

Web Service Description Language:
Web Service Elements:
GetDocumentRequest Elements
Element Name     Description     Required     Constraint or Note Length    
Token Token Number Yes Authentication Credentials required 36
ProNo PRO Number Yes Associated to user 10
ImageType Document Type Yes List of possible Document Type  
ImageFormat Document Format Yes e.g. TIF, PDF  

List of Document Types

Attached is the list of valid Document Types that needs to be passed to the web service.

Document Type Description
BL Bill of Lading
DR Delivery Receipt
WBILL Weigh Bill Certificates
FREIGHT DOCUMENTS To receive all the Freight Documents (BL, DR, WBILL)

Possible Error Messages:

Attached is the list of the list of Error Messages that can be returned when an error occurs for the request.

Error Message Description
Invalid Token The value sent for the Token input is not correct
Invalid Pro The value sent for the Pro Number is invalid or not associated to the user
Invalid Image Type The Image Type is not included in the List of possible Document Type
Image Type cannot be empty Image Type is required
Invalid Image Format Image Format must Tif or PDF
Image Format cannot be empty Image Format is required
Sample Code (C#):
Sample xml Request :